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18 November 2011 @ 06:13 pm
New A/R Exchange Community  
I've started an Archer/Reed Exchange community at ar_exchange.

There aren't a lot of holiday exchange events on LJ where there is much interest in Enterprise, much less in A/R, so I thought we could start one. I really like the idea of writing something or making some art for other people who enjoy this pairing.

It isn't only for fic (though of course that's welcome), but also for exchanging icons or art, playlists, or vids.

It's not a one-to-one 'exchange' and there is no commitment or deadline. It's a place where you could place a request and others could reply to it. More than one response to a request is great, but I hope everyone will scan the list for unfilled requests as well.

I know how busy people are at this time of year, between NaNo and other holiday commitments, but it might offer an opportunity to brighten someone's day whenever you do it. There's no word limit or size limit - a drabble or an icon is fine.

You DO need to join ar_exchange to post a request list, though anyone is welcome to post responses.

Thanks! Hope to see you there to share some love for our guys!
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